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1 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Report on Recent Progress of ITU-T G.RoF 08-Mar-17
2 Proceedings Analytical approach to 2.5D sound field control using a circular double-layer array of fixed-directivity loudspeakers 08-Mar-17
3 Paper Enhancement-mode Ga2O3 MOSFETs with Si-ion-implanted source and drain 07-Mar-17
4 Proceedings Interplay between Stimulated Raman Scattering and Inter-Core Crosstalk in Homogeneous Multicore Fiber Transmission 06-Mar-17
5 Proceedings Design and Implementation of Directory Service for Future IoT Applications 03-Mar-17
6 Proceedings Mechanism for Transmission Rate Control Considering Usage Duration andLocator Change in ID/Locator Separation Networks 02-Mar-17
7 Journal of the NICT (English) Calibration of EMI Antennas for Microwave Frequency Bands by the Extrapolation Technique 01-Mar-17
8 Journal of the NICT (English) Power Meter Calibration 2 (1 mW, 75 ) 01-Mar-17
9 Journal of the NICT (English) Measurements of the Electromagnetic Field from a Mobile Phone Base Station 01-Mar-17
10 Journal of the NICT (English) SAR Measurement and Uncertainty Estimation 01-Mar-17
11 Journal of the NICT (English) Measurement of Unwanted Emissions of Marine Radar System 01-Mar-17
12 Journal of the NICT (English) Performance Tests for Marine Radar 01-Mar-17
13 Journal of the NICT (English) Calibration of SAR Probe 01-Mar-17
14 Journal of the NICT (English) Site Validation of the Open-Area Test Site and the Semi-Anechoic Chamber 01-Mar-17
15 Journal of the NICT (English) Determination of Gain for EMC Antennas Using Phase Center 01-Mar-17
16 Journal of the NICT (English) Calibration of Horn Antenna 01-Mar-17
17 Journal of the NICT (English) Calibration of Dipole Antennas 01-Mar-17
18 Journal of the NICT (English) Calibration of Loop Antennas for EMI Measurements in the Frequency Range Below 30 MHz 01-Mar-17
19 Journal of the NICT (English) Calibration of RF Attenuators 01-Mar-17
20 Journal of the NICT (English) Calibration of Standard Voltage and Current Generator 01-Mar-17
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