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1 Letter Theoretical design of an improved shunt-type AAN 24-Oct-16
2 Letter Demonstration of ultraprecision ductile-mode cuttingfor lithium niobate microring waveguides 04-Oct-16
3 Letter Path loss model at 300GHz for indoor mobile service applications 09-Sep-16
4 Letter Transmission of Multiband Wireless Signals over a Seamless IM/DD Fiber-MMW System 01-Jul-16
5 Letter Chromatic effects in beam wander correction for free-space quantum communications 01-Jun-16
6 Letter Highly efficient phase-sensitive parametric gain in periodically poled LiNbO3 ridge waveguide 19-Apr-16
7 Letter IEEE P802.15.3d ? Towards the First Wireless Communications Standard Operating in the 300 GHz Band 29-Jan-16
8 Letter Feedback Bits Allocation for Interference Minimization in Cognitive Radio Communications 25-Nov-15
9 Letter Protein-based optical filters for image processing 07-Oct-15
10 Letter New Connecting Structure for Waveguides with Special Connectors 10-Sep-15
11 Letter A Quality Control Algorithm for the Osaka Phased Array Weather Radar 28-Apr-15
12 Letter Improvement of Holographic Image Generated by Integral Photographic Camera with Different Viewing Angles in the Horizontal and Vertical Directions 01-Apr-15
13 Letter Influence of an AC-coaxial adapter on measurements of the AMN impedance 30-Mar-15
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