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1 Books Free-Space Quantum Key Distribution 26-Aug-16
2 Books Visualization of a Specific Genome Locus by the lacO/Lacl-GFP System 17-Aug-16
3 Books Microscopic Observation of Living Cells Stained with Fluorescent Probes 17-Aug-16
4 Books Magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance spectroscopy 14-Jun-16
5 Books THz Technology Applied to Cultural Heritage in Practice 25-May-16
6 Books Quantum Information Networks with Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors 20-Mar-16
7 Books Quantum Communication for the Ultimate Capacity and Security 01-Jan-16
8 Books Superconductor-Diamond Hybrid Quantum System 31-Dec-15
9 Books Isolated proton auroras and Pc1/EMIC waves at subauroral latitudes 20-Nov-15
10 Books Explorations in Morphic Architectures (Chapter 22 in book) 01-Jun-15
11 Books Quantum Cascade Lasers as a Terahertz Wave Source 06-May-15
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