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1 Proceedings Analytical approach to 2.5D sound field control using a circular double-layer array of fixed-directivity loudspeakers 08-Mar-17
2 Proceedings Interplay between Stimulated Raman Scattering and Inter-Core Crosstalk in Homogeneous Multicore Fiber Transmission 06-Mar-17
3 Proceedings Design and Implementation of Directory Service for Future IoT Applications 03-Mar-17
4 Proceedings Mechanism for Transmission Rate Control Considering Usage Duration andLocator Change in ID/Locator Separation Networks 02-Mar-17
5 Proceedings Optical applications of ionic liquids 22-Feb-17
6 Proceedings Development of Ferromagnetic Josephson Junction for Quiet Superconducting Quantum Bit 21-Feb-17
7 Proceedings Fiber-self-alignment technique for superconducting nanowire-based optical-to-electrical converte 21-Feb-17
8 Proceedings Demonstration of a single-flux-quantum based event-driven encoder with reduced bias currents in a 0.1-W GM cryocooler for a single photon imaging system 21-Feb-17
9 Proceedings Coherent optical network systems employing seed lightwave distribution 17-Feb-17
10 Proceedings New Revocable IBE in Prime-Order Groups: Adaptively Secure, Decryption Key Exposure Resistant, and with Short Public Parameters 17-Feb-17
11 Proceedings Multi-column Convolutional Neural Networks with Causality-Attention for Why-Question Answering 08-Feb-17
12 Proceedings International Experiment Campaign with Small Optical TrAnsponder (SOTA) 06-Feb-17
13 Proceedings Atmospheric Turbulence Analysis Using Small Optical TrAnsponder (SOTA) 06-Feb-17
14 Proceedings An analysis of printing conditions for wavefront overlapping printing 31-Jan-17
15 Proceedings Development of single photon detection technology using superconducting nanowire 30-Jan-17
16 Proceedings A study of measurement error of target height by using cross-track interferometric SAR 27-Jan-17
17 Proceedings Exploiting Observations From All System Objects to Improve Virtual Network Resource Allocation 27-Jan-17
18 Proceedings The Comparison of Three-Dimensional Sieve Methods for Number Field Sieve over GF(p^6) 26-Jan-17
19 Proceedings A Generic Construction for Efficient and Secure Inner Product 26-Jan-17
20 Proceedings A Large-Scale Data Collection Scheme for Distributed Topic-based Pub/Sub 26-Jan-17
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