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1 Oral presentations Status of conceptual design fo submillimeter-wave Earth observation satellite, SMILES-2 27-Feb-17
2 Oral presentations Management of MRI and MEG, and linguistic brain activations 24-Feb-17
3 Oral presentations Identification of macaque vertical occipital fasciculus using diffusion MRI and tractography 24-Feb-17
4 Oral presentations Position of Ga2O3 among UWBG semiconductors and beyond 21-Feb-17
5 Oral presentations Optical properties and thermal stability of EO polymers and waveguides cross-linked with multi-functionalized EO molecules 01-Feb-17
6 Oral presentations Enhancement-Mode Ga2O3 MOSFETs with Al2O3 Gate Dielectric and Si-Ion-Implanted Source and Drain 21-Jan-17
7 Oral presentations Transmission Line Modeling of AC/Coaxial Adapter Used in AMN''s Characteristics Measurement 19-Jan-17
8 Oral presentations Current state-of-the-art of gallium oxide power device technology 18-Jan-17
9 Oral presentations Stagnant, itinerant chromatin dynamics in fission yeast 13-Jan-17
10 Oral presentations Test of the variation in the proton-to-electron mass ratio using homonuclear diatomic molecular ion 10-Jan-17
11 Oral presentations From Amoeba-inspired Algorithms to Natural Computing Devices 08-Jan-17
12 Oral presentations Photonic intelligence: Theory and experiments of physical reinforcement learning based on photonics 08-Jan-17
13 Oral presentations SMILES-2 : Conceptual design of observation system 05-Jan-17
14 Oral presentations Effects of the atmospheric chemistry and dynamics on the distributions of Venusian sulfuric acid clouds in low- and mid-latitudes simulated by a general circulation model 16-Dec-16
15 Oral presentations Delay line current-biased kinetic inductance detector for imaging 15-Dec-16
16 Oral presentations Vector Scanning SQUID system for High Spatial Resolution 15-Dec-16
17 Oral presentations Inkjet Printing of Bacteriorhodopsin for Biomimetic Photonic Devices 15-Dec-16
18 Oral presentations Optical-Flow Sensing Characteristics of a Bacteriorhodopsin-Based Bipolar Photosensor Array 14-Dec-16
19 Oral presentations Terahertz wave generation from electro-optic polymer devices using a 1.5-m-band pulsed laser 14-Dec-16
20 Oral presentations Efficient differential photocurrent generation in waveguide-type bacteriorhodopsin photocells 14-Dec-16
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