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No Subdivision Title Date
1 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Report on Recent Progress of ITU-T G.RoF 08-Mar-17
2 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) ITU-T SG13 Q22 Meeting Report 17-Feb-17
3 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) ITU-T SG13 Q22 Meeting Agenda 06-Feb-17
4 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Disposition of NB comments for ISO/IEC 2nd DIS 10116 ? Information technology ? Security techniques ? Modes of operation for an n-bit block cipher 12-Dec-16
5 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) IODEF Usage Guidance 18-Nov-16
6 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Laboratory Report 17-Nov-16
7 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Proposal of redefining the term gfront-haulh in the draft G.RoF 17-Nov-16
8 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) QMS Annual report to APMP 2016 14-Nov-16
9 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Application of the NICT weather-stations data to the SOTA mission 18-Oct-16
10 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Development of Superconducting TH‚šReceivers for Radio Astronomy 29-Sep-16
11 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Proposal on the compatibility study between IMT systems and BSS (sound) systems in the band 1 452-1 492 MHz under WRC-19 agenda item 9.1 (issue 9.1.2) 28-Sep-16
12 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Revised 6.1 in the draft G.RoF 27-Sep-16
13 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Draft NeaW Report ITU-R M.[PERF-INTEG-MSS] Scenarios and performance of an integrated MSS system operating in frequency bands below 3 GHz 26-Sep-16
14 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Suggested@primitive description for RESET and SOUNDING 15-Sep-16
15 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Suggested Primitive descriptions for Peering and de-peering 15-Sep-16
16 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Final Proposal for THz PHY in IEEE 802.15.3 - Explanations 12-Sep-16
17 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Final Proposal for THz PHY in IEEE 802.15.3 - Overview 12-Sep-16
18 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Proposal for IEEE802.15.3d ? THz PHY 12-Sep-16
19 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Proposal for IEEE802.15.3d, channel assignment plans 12-Sep-16
20 ITU(CCIR,CCITT,CISPR) Proposed Modification to TG-MSA Workplan 06-Sep-16
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