Title Mechanism for Transmission Rate Control Considering Usage Duration andLocator Change in ID/Locator Separation Networks
  Abstract In this paper, we propose a mechanism for transmission rate control considering the duration of an access
network usage since the last locator change in ID/Locator separation networks. In the proposed mechanism, the
maximum transmission rate decreases as the usage duration in the same access network increases. Moreover, the
maximum transmission rate increases when the host changes its locator by moving to a new access point. By using
the proposed mechanism, it is expected that the movement of each user can be controlled and networks can be
utilized effectively. In order to evaluate the performance, we constructed an experimental system by installing and
configuring HIMALIS network. We investigated the impact of the proposed method on quality of experience (QoE) of a video chat appli-
cation. Experimental results demonstrate that the video and sound quality changes according to the change in the
maximum transmission rate.
  Pub Date 02-Mar-17
  Subject Network Systems
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Ved Prasad Kafle
  (Network Science and Convergence Device Technology Laboratory)
  Subdivision Proceedings

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