Title Calibration of RF Attenuators
  Abstract The RF attenuator is one of devices to calibrate receivers such as spectrum analyzers to evaluate qualities of radio waves which are radiated from RF transmitters. The linearity, one of the receiver performance indices to show adequately the signal in accordance with the received power, can be evaluated using the RF attenuator, which can reduce the intensity of radio waves transmitting through a coaxial cable or a waveguide. The RF attenuator is also used to evaluate the RF output level of the signal generator. NICT performs calibration service of the RF attenuators as a device for calibration of receivers and signal generators and so on. This report describes the calibration method of RF attenuators of which operating frequency is from 10 MHz up to 18 GHz and the estimation method of measurement uncertainty.
  Pub Date 01-Mar-17
  Subject Electromagnetic environment
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Fujii Katsumi   (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sakai Kojiro
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sugiyama Tsutomu
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sebata Kouichi

Nishiyama Iwao
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
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