Title Calibration of Loop Antennas for EMI Measurements in the Frequency Range Below 30 MHz
  Abstract This paper describes the calibration method of loop antennas for EMI measurements in the frequency range below 30 MHz. NICT developed the method by ourselves and started to provide the calibration service that is certified by ASNITE accreditation program. Because the ASNITE is compliant with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025, the loop antennas calibrated by NICT can be used for all tests such as validations of radio equipment and EMI measurements of electronic devices.
  Pub Date 01-Mar-17
  Subject Electromagnetic environment
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Fujii Katsumi   (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sakai Kojiro
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sugiyama Tsutomu
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sebata Kouichi

Nishiyama Iwao
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
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