Title Measurements of the Electromagnetic Field from a Mobile Phone Base Station
  Abstract A small isotropic 3-orthognal E-field probe and a measurement system with an antenna and a spectrum analyzer, defined as a relatively simple measurement equipment, were used for the investigation on the uncertainty of the measurement of E-field strength around a base station. Measurement values with the simple measurement equipment were then compared with the ideally estimated maximum values based on the measurements of the control signal of the W-CDMA and LTE base stations which is specified in an international standard. It was found that the measurement values of the simple measurement equipment agreed with the maximum valued based on the control signal within 12 dB, which suggests that the simple measurement equipment can be used for the compliance test of base station where the margin from the RF safety limit is larger than the uncertainty of the simple measurement estimated 22 dB from the deviation of the maximum value and the uncertainties due to the spatial and temporal variations.
  Pub Date 01-Mar-17
  Subject Electromagnetic environment
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Watanabe Soichi   (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Hamada Rira
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
  Subdivision Journal of the NICT (English)

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