Title Power Meter Calibration 2 (1 mW, 75 Ω)
  Abstract NICT performs power meter calibration services in accordance with the Radio Law. Recently, a new power meter calibration system has been developed realizing a wide frequency range (from 100 kHz to 2 GHz) for 75-ohm (Type-N75) coaxial sensors with a typical power for calibration of 1 mW. In order to conduct accurate calibration, the simultaneous comparison method is adopted. The newly developed system has the expanded uncertainties (coverage factor k=2) of 2.5 % below 10 MHz and 1.2 % from 10 MHz to 2 GHz.
  Pub Date 01-Mar-17
  Subject Electromagnetic environment
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Sakai Kojiro   (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sugiyama Tsutomu
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sebata Kouichi

Nishiyama Iwao
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Fujii Katsumi
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
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