Title Calibration of EMI Antennas for Microwave Frequency Bands by the Extrapolation Technique
  Abstract Two calibration methods with the extrapolation technique are proposed to calibrate the actual gain for EMI antennas above 1 GHz. In this method, the S21 at the infinite distance between antennas are estimated from the S21 values measured at near-field region by means of the least squares method. The calibration results of two kinds of double-ridged guide antennas (DRGAs) were compared with those calibrated in a large full anechoic chamber. It shows that the accuracy of the proposed methods depends on the directivity of the antenna under calibration and that the methods can yield the actual gain with an error less than +/-1.0 dB for almost all frequency even at a small semi-anechoic chamber with a metal ground plane.
  Pub Date 01-Mar-17
  Subject Electromagnetic environment
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Fujii Katsumi   (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sakai Kojiro
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sugiyama Tsutomu
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
Sebata Kouichi

Nishiyama Iwao
  (Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory)
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